Grey Water System - G-Flow Plug & Play

Grey Water System - G-Flow Plug & Play

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Grey Water System - G-Flow Plug & Play

A simple and economical grey water diverter. The bestselling G-Flow compact Plug & Play Grey Water System is used to water garden areas under 5 square meters. 

Suitable for: home laundries, showers and baths

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  • Recycle and Save Water - from your laundry, bathroom sink, shower and bath to water your garden.
  • Beat Water Restrictions - keep your landscape green during dry summers.
  • Easy-to-Install - fully assembled unit ready to be installed by your licensed plumber.
  • Ready to Use - with drip irrigation tube for fully automatic watering - no controller.
  • Low Maintenance - only clean filters every 3 to 6 months
  • Reliable & Robust - proven reliability, clog resistant and de-sludge mechanism.
  • 24 Month Warranty - direct support from Australian manufacturer.
  • Can also be used as a rain water diverter or a drainage pump.


Developed in Australia as a grey water diverter to help combat drought and water restrictions, the G-Flow grey water diversion system has also been used in many other different applications such as a drainage sump pump station, and even as a rainwater diverter. 


    Maybe used as a Drainage Pump Sump station
    Where part of the house or garden is flooded due to inadequate drainage, the G-flow has also been used as a pump station to shift the excess water out of the flooded area. The G-Flow incorporates the below ground housing as well as the drainage sump pump and can be buried up to its lid cover, thus making it an economical, aesthetic, and handy little automatic pump station. The pump automatically activated by a float switch when the water level in the tank reaches a predetermined level.

    Maybe used as a Rainwater Diverter 
    In many places around the world rainwater is captured from roof areas and stored in large rainwater tanks for use in and out of the house at a later stage. The larger the roof catchment area the more water can be captured and stored specially during short summer rainfall events. The G-Flow has been used when building configurations do not allow part or all of the roof area to drain by gravity into the main storage tank. The G-flow has also been successfully used to capture and transfer the water originating from a nearby shed or garage roof area back into the main rainwater tank positioned further away.



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    • Easy to Install Plumb, Plug & Play fully integrated unit
    • Automatic activation with clog resistant float switch
    • Robust thermal protected vortex pump
    • Simple, robust, and reliable design with no controller
    • Innovative self-drain and auto de-sludge mechanism
    • Diverts Grey Water from one 50mm (2") connection
    • 3 way manual valve for gravity diversion to rainwater overflow or sewer when not in use
    • Easy, hygienic, and low maintenance (3-6 months) with:
      • Easy to pull-out sludge trap basket
      • Extra large 4 layers graded vertical filter
    • Watermark and IAPMO certified
    • 2 Years warranty


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    Customer Reviews

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