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Grey Water System - Grey Flow PRO Plug & Play

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Grey Water System - Grey Flow PRO Plug & Play

The most powerful grey water system in the market. Recycle up to 24,000 liters of grey water per day. Irrigate up to 5,000 square meters of landscaping.

Suitable for:  Large Residential & Commercial Properties 

FREE consultation and support with selecting the right system for you. Complimentary system design upon request. 

  • Recycle and Reduce Costs - from laundries, sinks, showers and baths to water your landscaping. 
  • Beat Water Restrictions - maintain green landscaping during droughts.
  • Easy-to-Install - flexible above or below ground installation, fully integrated and ready to be installed by your Licensed Plumber.
  • Ready to Use - with drip irrigation tube for fully automatic watering (up to 5,000 square meters when used in conjunction with the GF-Rotor).
  • Low Maintenance - available with automated self-cleaning.
  • Reliable & Tough - high reliability, industrial grade pump, clog resistant and de-sludge mechanism.
  • 2 Year Warranty - Direct support from Australian manufacturer.
  • Up to 4" Inlet / outlet 


      Grey Flow Pro is a Grey Water diversion system designed for large residential and commercial use. Up to 24,000 liters of grey water can be diverted to your landscaping from water used in commercial applications such as in office buildings, shopping malls, sports centers etc.

      The unique low maintenance design integrates multiple sensors and a self-cleaning mechanism, enabling large volumes of grey water to be reused. This grey water system is the most powerful diversion system available on the market.




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      • Self-cleaning filtration mechanism
      • Automated de-sludging mechanism
      • Integrated reflux valve
      • Programmed to empty the tank at least once a day
      • Robust, reliable, thermal protected up to 400 watt industrial pump with double float protection
      • Manual diversion to sewer
      • Designed for a maximum daily Greywater reuse of up to 24,000 Litres
      • Can cover an irrigated area of 5,000 square meters when used in conjunction with the GF-Rotor and GF Drip-Tube

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      Two Year Limited Warranty

      Greywater Tech is an authorized reseller of Advance Waste Water Systems (AWWS) products. AWWS warrants this product against material defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TWO YEAR from the date of the original retail purchase (warranty period). Warranty work will be done in accordance with the following terms and conditions. This warranty only benefits the original purchaser.


      1. Expendable items that can wear out from normal use, including but not limited to, filters, or similar perishable parts.
      2. Damage to or failure of this system if it is not installed, operated, or maintained according to all instructions supplied with the system.
      3. Damage to or failure of this system resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, or use for other than its intended purpose, Act of God. 
      4. Damage to or failure of parts or system resulting incomplete or improper installation or from unauthorized modifications made to this system.
      5. If you purchase the system from an unauthorized retailer or dealer.
      6. Damage caused by power surges, electrical storm damage, incorrect power supply, or insect or vermin infestation
      7. Damage to or failure of parts if this system is serviced or rapaired by anyone other than an Authorized Service Center.
      8. This warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchased this product from you.
      9. Use for more than a single family or use in a commercial establishment or for commercial non-household purposes. 
      10. Parts and systems not supplied by AWWS are not covered by this warranty

      Any item which has been repaired or replace under this warranty shall be covered for the remainder of this original warranty as extended by the number of days that the product has been out of your hands for repair.


      Your Responsibility

      The above limited warranties are subject to the following conditions:

      You must provide your original bill of sale, invoice or other proof of purchase of the system showing that you are the original purchaser, that the purchase was made within two years of the date of your claim and that you purchased it from an authorized dealer or retailer. No warranty work will be done without this information. Keep a copy of your receipt or invoice for your own records.

      These limited warranties are effective only if this system is purchased and used in AU region Labor and service charges for warranty repair, installation, set up, and adjustment of customer control are not covered by these limited warranties.

      Should you encounter a defect in the system, to find the closest authorized service center. Contact the center and it will arrange for an inspection and corrective action, if needed and if covered by this warranty.

      Should the center determine that the system is not covered by this warranty; any corrective work will be performed at your request and at your expense. If the center makes a second and/or subsequent visit and determines that there is no problem or that the system is not covered, the service call will be charged to you.

      When making a warranty clain, please be prepared to province a description of the system, your name, address, work day telephone number, a description of the problem, the date you purchase the system and the identity of the seller. 


      Disclaimer of implied warranties; Limitation of remedies

      1. All implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to one year from the date you purchased the product.
      2. Neither AWWS nor its affiliates are responsible or liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether special, exemplary, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, and whether known or should have been known to AWWS, including damage to or replacement of other equipment and property and personal injury resulting from any breach of warranty, the inability to use the product or under any legal theory in contract or tort. There warranties and remedies are the sole and exclusive warranties and remedies given by AWWS in connection with the sale and use of the product. No other warranties, oral or written, express or implied are given.
      3. In any event, AWWS's entire liability shall be limited to the actual purchase price you paid to the retail seller of the defective product. This limitation applies whether damages are sought or a claim made, under this warranty or as a tort claim (including negligence and strict product liability), a contract claim or any other claim. This limitation cannot be waived or amended by any person. This limitation of liability is effective even is AWWS or any authorized representative of AWWS has been advised by you of the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability, however, shall not apply to claims of personal injury.
      4. No AWWS dealer, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, change or amendment to this warranty. 


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      Based on 2 reviews Write a review