Greywater Systems for Tiny Homes: Off-grid Living Made Sustainable

Greywater Systems for Tiny Homes: Off-grid Living Made Sustainable

Embracing the tiny home lifestyle often means adopting a self-sufficient, off-grid approach. One of the most significant challenges in such a setup is managing water resources, especially when there's no access to municipal sewerage. Greywater systems emerge as an invaluable solution in this context. Compact, efficient, and in line with the sustainable ethos of tiny living, these systems offer a perfect answer to water and waste challenges. Let's explore why greywater systems and tiny homes are a match made in eco-friendly heaven.

What is Greywater?

Greywater is the used water that drains from showers, sinks, and laundry. It's notably cleaner than blackwater (sewage water from toilets). With the right system, this water can be repurposed, offering an excellent opportunity for tiny homes to manage water efficiently.

Why Are Greywater Systems Ideal for Tiny Homes?

  1. No Need for Sewerage: A significant advantage of greywater systems for tiny homes is that they bypass the need for traditional sewerage access. With the combination of a septic tank or a composting toilet, your tiny home can be completely off-grid.

  2. Compact Design: Tailored for space efficiency, many greywater systems can seamlessly integrate into tiny homes without hogging space, some being as compact as 60cm tall.

  3. Economic Savings: Living off-grid often means avoiding several utility costs. With a greywater system, tiny homeowners can not only save on water bills but also bypass the expenses and logistics of connecting to municipal sewer systems.

  4. Sustainability at Heart: Many choose tiny homes for their reduced environmental impact. Greywater systems resonate with this choice, promoting water conservation and minimizing waste.

  5. Freedom of Location: Being off-grid often means having the freedom to set up your tiny home in diverse locations. Whether it's a picturesque mountain view or a serene lakeside, greywater systems ensure that you have a consistent, eco-friendly water management solution.

  6. Low Maintenance: The simplicity of tiny living shouldn’t be disrupted by frequent maintenance. Modern greywater solutions are designed to be low-maintenance, a boon for those who wish to spend more time enjoying their surroundings and less time on chores.

A Holistic Approach to Off-grid Living

Tiny homes symbolize a holistic approach to living: minimalistic, sustainable, and often, self-reliant. By integrating a greywater system, homeowners amplify these principles, ensuring that every drop of water is used to its fullest potential, even when far from urban conveniences.

Furthermore, the absence of sewerage facilities can be a roadblock for many aspiring tiny homeowners. Greywater systems not only remove this impediment but also enhance the sustainability quotient of the home.

Our most popular system for Tiny homes is our PS Grey Water Diverter. If you are want to connect your kitchen water you will also need a grease trap which you can find here.


The tiny home movement isn’t just about reducing space; it's a commitment to a sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle. Greywater systems fortify this commitment, ensuring that water management is efficient, eco-friendly, and economical, even in off-grid scenarios. For those dreaming of a tiny home that's both independent and environmentally conscious, our systems are a crucial piece of the puzzle.