Differentiate with grey water ready homes

    Below are our builder's kits that are designed to be installed for new buildings. The systems come in two options:

    As a general rule -
    The Greyflow PS builders kit is for properties under 500sqm

    The Greyflow PRO builders kit stage 1 is for properties larger than 500sqm

    Purchase stage 1 at the time of building so that the plumber can install all the necessary hosing and housing. 
    Purchase stage 2 after the house is built to activate the system (can be self-installed)


    • Build grey water ready homes
    • Easy to install 2-stage kits
    • Up-sell grey water systems to your customers
    • Offer homebuyers the option to drought-proof their gardens
    • Increase your sustainability profile
    • Auto Cleaning Option
    • Below Ground Installations
    • Up to 4" (100mm) inlet/outlet