Grey Flow Essential Irrigation Kit

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Essential grey water irrigation kit for connecting to your grey water diverter outlet.

Essential Irrigation Kit includes:

  • 100 meters purple drip line tube
  • 50 meters purple LDPE
  • Bar fittings
  • 1 punch tool
  • 25 take-offs

Additional kit also available for larger landscapes.

    Purple inline drip irrigation pipe for supplying grey water to your landscape, lawn and garden beds. The purple colour isn't for fun! It's an industry standard for the use of grey water and alerts that it is not fit for human consumption. The pipes contains  calibrated drippers with a flow rate of 7 to 10 liters per hour, that are spaced every 300mm. 

    CAUTION: Only purple drip line pipes are suitable for grey water. Do not connect other types of drip line pipes to grey water.

    Purple drip line specs: 

    • 7 - 10 liters / hour
    • 300 mm drip spacing
    • For sub-strata installations


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