Grey Flow PRO Builder's Kit - Stage 1 of 2

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The Grey Flow PRO is a state of the art greywater system that is installed in two stages, during home building, and when ready to use!

  • Build grey water ready homes - home owners can install Stage 2 with irrigation whenever they wish
  • Easy to install kit
  • Up-sell grey water systems to your customers
  • Offer homebuyers the option to drought-proof their gardens
  • Auto / Manual Cleaning 
  • Below Ground Installations
  • Adjustable height (tank can be cut to suite)
  • 100mm Integrated Reflux Valve
  • 100mm inlet & overflow
  • 100L buffer tank 

Upgrade option

  • High pressure pump option available for improved performance with sub-surface irrigation of lawns and blocks with topographical variations higher than 2m
  • Air assisted Self-Cleaning mechanism (recudes cleaning of the filters from once a month to once a year)

Grey Flow Pro is a Grey Water diversion system designed for large residential and commercial use. Up to 24,000 liters of grey water can be diverted to your landscaping from water used in commercial applications such as in office buildings, shopping malls, sports centers etc.

The unique low maintenance design integrates multiple sensors and a self-cleaning mechanism, enabling large volumes of grey water to be reused. This grey water system is the most powerful diversion system available on the market.



  • Easily adjustable height level can be used with very deep sewer pipes (up to 3m)
  • 2 Stage installs in new homes reduces installation costs (with 2 stage installs only) 

Stage 1. Getting the house Grey Flow Ready       

1. Dual piping (separate grey & black water pipe)

2. Installing the Grey Flow PRO builder's kit

3. Installing an approved Reflux Valve 

4. Connecting the overflow back to the sewer 

5. Dedicated outdoor powerpoint

Stage 2. Installing the GF-system & components

1. Installing the Grey Flow PRO finishing kit

2. Installing the Self-Cleaning Mechanism (optional spec.)

3. Installing the Grey Flow irrigation system

4. Final commissioning of the system


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  • Self-cleaning filtration mechanism
  • Automated de-sludging mechanism
  • Integrated reflux valve
  • Programmed to empty the tank at least once a day
  • Robust, reliable, thermal protected up to 700 watt industrial pump with double float protection
  • Manual diversion to sewer
  • Designed for a maximum daily Greywater reuse of up to 24,000 Litres
  • Can cover an irrigated area of 5,000 square meters when used in conjunction with the GF-Rotor and GF Drip-Tube



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